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The tie between the Ruth family of eastern Pennsylvania and the Abraham Ruth that came to Westmoreland Co. in 1801 has never been completely proved. In the Ruth genealogy we do have a list of the children of Abraham (1732/1735-1801) and Catherine Ruth. We have these paragraphs about their sons, David and Abraham.

"David single, died before June 8, 1844. Born Hatfield Twp. Montgomery County, purchased 94 acres in Goshen Twp. Chester Co. from Mary Garret in 1787, sold it to his brother Abraham, 1790 but remained in Chester Co. When he died his state was divided amongst his brother Abraham and the heirs of his deceased brothers and sisters." Isaac Ruth was the administrator.

"Abraham Ruth married Elizabeth __ born Hatfield Twp. sold above mentioned tract in Chester Co. to Isaac Ruth in 1793. He was apparently still living in 1844, but I have nothing certain as to his location and possible family."

We believe this was the Abraham who came to East Huntingdon Twp. because 1. wife's name is the same 2. His brother David's estate was "divided amongst his brother Abraham and the heirs of his deceased brothers and sisters." and our Abraham did not die until 1846. 3. Abraham sold his land in Chester Co. in 1793. 4. His father died in May of 1801 and Abraham bought land here in May of 1801. 5. The same Ruth genealogy in which Abraham is mentioned, also lists Abraham's sister, Mary Ruth, married to John Fox. They had six children. Those listed are the six children of Henry Fox and Mary Ruth who bought land in E.H.Twp. in 1797. It appears that Abraham followed his sister to western Pennsylvania. Mary Ruth Fox died in 1834 before David's estate was divided.

Abraham Ruth purchased a tract of land on 14 Nov 1801 from Isaac Meason and Catrina for 218 pounds. The tract contained 145 1/2 acres and came from two tracts named Leth and Halldon. Today if you travel north from Mt. Nebo on Smithton Rd. toward 981 and descend a hill, the farm is on the hill on the left.

The 1810 U.S. Census lists under Abraham Ruth East Huntingdon on page 1268 "One male under ten, one male 10-16, one male over 45, 1 female 16-26 and one female over 45." The smaller male child must have died before 1846.

    Ruth 1 Abraham Ruth 23 Apr 17__-Aug 1846. Bu Alverton. Farmer. Mennonite.
    m Elizabeth 6 Dec 1762-28 Mar 1827, age 61. Bu Alverton
    Abraham Ruth died without will. Letters of administration were filed 5 Sep 1846. Petition Docket 7, p 205 names two children and no widow.


    Ruth 11 Martha Ruth 17944 Nov 1850, age 71. Bu Alverton Cem.
    m ca 1828 as second wife to George B. Mumaw - 17 Dec 1858. Bu Alverton. Son of George Mumaw and Catherine Gerber. He had no children to 1) Catherine Newcomer. See property under Mumaw.


      Ruth111 George Ruth Mumaw 29 Jan 1829- 8 Aug 1909, age 80. Bu Alverton. Farmer in E.H. United Brethren.
      m 1849 Elizabeth Stauffer 25 Mar 1829-28 Sep 1899, age 70. Bu Alverton. Dau of Christian Stauffer and Susannah Overholt. United Brethren.
      The road that climbs the hill behind West Overton Museums intersects with another road at the sib of G.R. Mumaw home. It has been known as the McNally place.


        Ruth1111 Martha m John W, Ruth

        Ruth1112 James, twin, age 6 weeks

        Ruth1113 Martin m Minnie Jane Parke

        Ruth1114 Elizabeth m 1) Austin F. Stoner To OR 2) David M. Smutz

        Ruth1115 John Martin, single

        Ruth1116 Wesley m Mary Mae Stickel To CA

        Ruth1117 Sally 0. m William Ferguson

        Ruth.1118 Alice m Samuel Browneller Reed

      Ruth112 John Ruth Mumaw 2 Oct 1831-20 Aug 1871, age 39. Bu Alverton.
      m Barbara Rice 1830-1908, age 78.
      The J. R. Mumaw house is the one that has been wrecked at the southern side of the landfill.


        Ruth1121 George W. m Margaret A.Stillwagon To CA

        Ruth1122 Sallie, single

        Ruth1123 Maria m Ely Crosby

        Ruth1124 Sheba Bertha m John Henry Campbell To IL

        Ruth1125 Henry Foster To South Bend IN

        RuthI126 Hetti, single

      Ruth113 Abraham Ruth Mumaw 1834
      m Sarah Jane Rudebaugh To KS
      Three children

      Ruth114 Alice Mumaw-died in infancy

    Ruth12 Henry Ruth 22 Aug 1792-1 Sep 1867, age 75. Bu Alverton. Farmer. Mennonite.
    m Anna Sherrick 12 Oct 1797-2 Nov 1882, age 85. Buried Alverton. Dau of Joseph Sherrick and Anna Musser. Mennonite.
    On Mar 7, 1825 Jacob and Margaret Markle sold a tract of land to Henry Ruth for $1600
    When Abraham Ruth died intestate the farm was divided into two sections to his two children. Section A containing 66 1/2 acres and 12 perches was deeded to Henry and Section B containing 80 acres and 28 perches to Martha and George Mumaw. The "twelve honest men" who agreed to this division were Abraham Overholt, Moses Hickson, Christian Landis, Joseph Fulker, Christian Stauffer, John Loucks, Jacob Lane, Jacob Hohenshiel, Daniel Frats, Daniel Stoner, Henry W. Stoner and John Bear. Petition Docket 7, page 205. Note that Henry Ruth already owned bordering property.


      Ruth121 Abraham Ruth 31 Jan 1823-7 May 1904, age 81. Farmer. United Brethren.
      m Elizabeth Hylands/Highlands 12 Aug 1821-3 Mar 1898, age 76. Dau of William Hylands, and __United Brethren. The will of Henry and Anna Ruth made equal distribution to their two children. Will Book 5, p 645 of Sep 9, 1867.


        Ruth1211 John W m Martha Mumaw

        Ruth1212 Henry, age 1 yr.

        Ruth1213 Annie m Daniel W. Mumaw To KS

        Ruth1214 Isaac N. To OK

        Ruth1215 Milton S. To AR

        Ruth1216 Eliza J. m John Fortney

        Ruth1217 Susan m __ Hough

        Ruth1218 Blaire To KS

        Ruth1219 Martha J. m James M. Stoner

        Ruthl2la Joseph P. To CO

        Ruth121b Albert m Jemima Whitlaw

        Ruth121c Frank rn Belle Foss

      Ruth 122 Eizabeth Ruth 27 Jun 1824-14 Apr 1901, age 76. Bu Laurel Hill Cem. Uniontown PA (Westmoreland Co Will Vol 5 p 645 - Henry Ruth)
      m 10 Sep 1846 by Rev. Samuel Wakefield to John Vance 3 Sep 1808-24 Dec 1887, age 79. Son of John and Eleanor Vance. Bu Laurel Hill. Feed mill operator.


        Ruth1221 John Henry m Sarah Stoner

        Ruth1222 Anna Marie, age 5

        Ruth1223 Elan-Sibit m James H. Parkhill

        Ruth1224 Mary Elizabeth m Aaron F. Stoner

        Ruth1225 Samuel Neel m Adah Elizabeth Stoner

        Ruth1226 Smith Fuller m Mary Hanksteller

        Ruth1227 Abraham Franklin m Mary Jane/Jennie Woodard

        Ruth1228 James W. m Ellen VanGilder

    Ov2b2 Sarah Overholt 9 Jan 1815-30 Jun 1837, age 22. Bu Alverton. Mennonite. m Christian Stoner 15 Sep 1811-16 Jan 1892, age 80. Bu Alverton. Farmer, cabinet-maker, undertaker. He later married 2) Sarah Fulkreth and 3) Margaret Fisher. See Stoner.


      Ov2b2I Martin To Brunsick, MO

      Ov2b22 Lizzie m John Haen To North Baltimore, OH

    Ov2b3 Henry Overholt 3 Feb 1817-13 Sep 1863, age 46. To Van Buren OR Farmer. Lutheran.
    m Sarah Frick 17 Apr 1820- Lutheran.
    Seven children.

    Ov2b4 Anna Overholt 4 May 1819- To Findlay OR Ch of God.
    m 1st James Irvin who d. 25 Mar 1858.
    rm 2nd 22 Mar 1883 John Bolton
    No children.

    Ov2b5 Elizabeth Overholt Jan 1821-3 Mar 1898, age 77. United Brethren. To Hancock OH
    m 25 Mar 1842 John H. Stoner 1818-1895, age 77. Son of John Stoner and Magdalena Fox. Blacksmith. United Brethren. See Stoner.

    Ov2b6 Christian Overholt 4 Mar 1827-9 Jan 1898, age 70. To Hancock OH in 1860. Farmed 240 acres. Methodist.
    m 1852 Catherine Leighty 1 Sep 1831-1894, age 63. Methodist.
    Nine children.

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