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9 Apr11 1999

Dear Mr. Meissner,

Yes, I know the parents of Benjamin Funk. I have been researching the Funk family for nearly 40 years. It started with my mother’s older brother, Daniel Funk who was b in 1877 in Knox Co MO where his grandfather and other family members had migrated from WV. He recalled the old stories and I became interested He knew his grandfather was b on the banks of the Cheat River, but not the county. When we were in Missouri I visited many cemeteries including those in Kirksville. For some reason the inscription on William Harrison Funk’s stone included the notation “B March 1, 1815 in Preston County, West Virginia ...” I immediately began looking for books on Preston County. Unfortunately, like many county histories, the one I found contained many errors. However, Uncle Dan was able to point out some of the errors such as giving all the children of John Sr and John Jr to one man. Since each had many children this was quite a mess, especially since both had children about the same age and with the same or similar names.

I have visited Preston County many times and found many distant relatives; some were also interested in family research and were very helpful. Over the years I have found descendants of many early Funk families. Several we could never find a connection. I corresponded for several years with Mr and Mrs “Bap” Funk of New York, who were then in their 90’s. They furnished much of the information on your branch of the family. As to the “seed corn Funks” as I call them, we all seem to have the same story ... the old old men were brothers ... where do we go for these old men? Maybe Germany or Switzerland, where we believe is the home of many in the 1600’s I have been to Funk’s Grove in McLean Co IL and also corresponded with several of this branch. They tell the same story, but can’t make the connection. We do know they were all at one time in Pennsylvania and later in the Shenandoah Valley. The original name seems to have been FUNCK and most early records give this spelling. I used Funk in most of my outline rather than change back and forth. By 1800 most were using Funk.

I have a lot of information on various branches and would be happy to share anything that will help. Like you mentioned, there are variations in dates, names, etc. Tombstones and Bible records do not always agree. Also there are errors in copying and in translations from the German as is the case in early church records.

I just returned from California Sunday evening. I have a son, Mark, and his family at Lompoc, CA. He is an engineer with the Aerospace Corporation with an office at Vandenberg Air Force Base. I will be 80 years young August 18, so my researching is becoming somewhat restricted, and especially so since the death of my husband 6 years ago. We had an RV and visited courthouses, cemeteries, and libraries from coast to coast after retirement. I am planning to go to Salt Lake City with friends April 17 for a week of research.

Thanks for the Kleeberger information; I hadn’t found much on this family, but I will get it in the computer soon. I have a new computer and don’t have everything up to date, but am working on it. Please excuse the typing errors; I ran that outline in a hurry and didn’t proofread it as you can tell. It is always good to find another family member, however distant

Good luck in your research,

Virginia Chatelain



George Funk (Funck) is our first known ancestor. He may be the George (Jorg) Funck who sailed on the “Snow Molly” 12 Oct 1741 (PA German Immigrants 1709-1786 edited by Don Yoder, p 303)

George is named in the marriage records of Rev. John Waldschmidt as the deceased father of children, Peter and Catherine. From this it is known he was dead before 9 Nov 1771.

The order of births of children is unknown: (Only guesses on birth dates)

1. Peter Funck was probably b abt 1746 and d after 1801, probably in Virginia (Frederick or Shenandoah Co.) He was exempt from parish and county taxes in Dec 1801 in Shenandoah Co. He paid taxes in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co PA from 1772 until 1786 and in Frederick Co VA from 1787 until 1794. George Stephani was installed deacon in place of Peter 6 Nov 1785 at the Alleghany Congregation, Berks Co PA. Peter, son of Georg Funck, dec., m 9 Nov 1771 by Rev. Waldschmidt, Catherine Frankhouser, dau. of Michael


a. Dorothea Funk b 28 Apr 1773, bap 20 May 1774 by Rev Waldschmidt, Allegheny Reformed Church, Berks Co PA Sponsors Michael and Dorothea Frankhouser (bro of Catherine)

b. Michael Funk b 20 Oct 1774 bap 13 Nov 1774 by Rev. Waldschmidt, Berks Co PA, d in 1849 in Greene Co PA; will Book 3, p 59, Greene Co. He m 11 Aug 1798 in Frederick Co VA Lavina Slusher, dau of John Frederick and Anna Engly Huntziker Slusher. She d 7 Dec 1863. They were the parents of {10 children}. (For details on this family see “History of the Funk Family of the Coschocton Co Ohio Area and of Related Families” by John L. Funk)

c. Elizabeth “Betsy” Funk b 11 Oct 1779 bap 14 Jul 1782 by Rev Waldschmidt, Lancaster Co PA; m 10 Aug 1808 in Shenandoah Co VA, John W Lichliter Jr.

d. John Georg Funk b 8 Aug 1782 bap l4 Jul l782 by Rev Waldschmidt; Sponsors Michael and Dorothea Frankhouser (same sponsors for Betsy)


2. Michael Funk b abt 1748 in PA; d after 1801, probably in VA. He was exempt from paying taxes in Sep 1801 in Frederick Co VA. He paid tax as a freeman in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co PA in 1773 and paid tax there until 1786; From 1787 until 1794 he was taxed in Frederick Co VA. He was sponsor at the baptism of his nephew, Michael Funk, son of Philip and Christina Funk.

Michael and Peter Funk are listed in Col. David Jenkin’s Bat. (Militia) Lancaster Co PA in 1777 and 1778 ... fines 13 lbs 5 sh. Michael and Philip Funk listed in Capt Henry Weaver’s Co (Earl Twp., Lancaster Co) Pvt. Militia ... Rev War

Michael m Anna Marie ??? as she is listed as the mother of their Son, John Philip when baptized in 1783. He m 3 Apr 1787 in Berks Co PA by Rev William Boas, Elizabeth Geibel

Known children:

a. Jacob Funk b abt 1771 PA; d 2 Mar 1849 in Pike Co OH; bur Funk Cemetery; m 2 Aug 1802 in Wederick Co VA, Juliana Heidrick

b. Dorothy Funk b abt 1775 PA; m 1 Apr 1800 in Wederick Co VA, John Houser

c. John Philip Funk b 8 May 1783 bap 25 Jul 1783 by Rev Waldschmidt; Philip and Christina Funk were sponsors.


3. John Funk was b abt 1750 in PA and d in 1812 in now Preston Co WV, probably along the Cheat River in an area called Dunkard Bottom about 2 miles east of Kingwood. From the obituary of his son, Hosea, who d in 1881 in Shelby Co IL, John was b abt 1750 as Hosea said his age was 62 when he d. From tax records he d abt 1812 as he remained on the personal property tax roll until then when Jemima appears on the roll as a widow. From the obituary cited above, John was bitten by a mad fox about 20 years before his death and was left somewhat crippled. Also included in the obituary it was stated that John was a graduate of an Allopathic School of Medicine.

John m abt 1775 in PA, Elizabeth ???? who seems to have d in Frederick Co VA abt 1792. John m 2) 22 Jul 1793 in Frederick Co VA, Jemima Britain (various spellings) a member of the Crooked Run Quaker Congregation of Frederick Co. She was a dau of Benjamin Britain. And was b abt 1774 (1850 census) and d after 1850. She m 2) 27 Feb 1815 in Monongalia Co VA, Mahlon Pugh.

John Funk lived on the border of Berks and Lancaster Co PA in the 1780’s as he paid taxes in both counties, but lived on the same land which was 130 ½ acres called “Rockhill” in Brecknock Twp. It was surveyed 21 Apr 1785 on a warrant dated 16 Nov 1784 and was patented 17 Apr 1787 to Abraham Ziegler. (The record is found in both counties, and is the same piece of land ... on the map called 34 B)

Some time in 1786 John and his brothers, Peter, Michael, and Philip moved from Lancaster Co to Frederick Co VA. On a land deed in Frederick Co dated 26 Mar 1788 John and Priscilla Tharp deed to John Funk “late of the county of Lancaster state of Pennsylvania” This same land sold 10 Aug 1793 to Tomas Boston. Soon after the sale of this property John Funk and family moved to Rockingham Co VA, living there until abt 1800, and then moved to now Preston Co WV

John and his father-in-law, Benjamin Britain, had gone to Monongalia Co by Sep 1799 when they signed an agreement with Conrad Sheets for land which Sheets held from Hugh Morgan. A lawsuit followed in which Sheets sued for money promised to be paid the following March 15. The suit dragged on until 8 Nov 1803 when the verdict stated “We the jury find for the defendant. J Tate” Details of the case may be found in a packet in the University Library at Morgantown WV. (Comment: Witnesses in the case for Funk were Hugh Morgan and Phillip Martin. Hugh Morgan, who seems to be the actual owner of the land, was the father-in-law of John’s son Jacob Funk. Phillip Martin is John Funk’s son-in-law, Did Sheets have a chance???)

John and Jemima Funk bought land abt 1806 in Monongalia Co (now Preston Co.) and sold it in 1809. He was exempt from a poll tax beginning in 1805, but remained on the personal property tax until 1812.

[Children of John Funk and Elizabeth ???:]

a. Jacob Funk b abt 1776 (tombstone information) in PA and d 12 Jul 1857 near Shreve, Wayne Co OH; bur in Oak Grove cemetery near Shreve. Jacob seems to have moved to the now Kingwood WV area abt 1800. He is reported to have opened the first tannery in Kingwood. He m abt 1801 Dorcas Morgan, dau of Hugh and Mercy Ayres Morgan. Dorcas was b 26 Mar 1786 at Dunkard Bottom and d abt 1830 near Shreve, OH. In 1813 the families of Jacob Funk, Hugh Morgan, and Thomas Butler moved from Kingwood to Wayne Co OH. There Jacob was a farmer and tanner. After the death of Dorcas, Jacob is reported to have m ??? and did marry 13 Sep 1836 in Wayne Co Lydia Tracy who was b abt 1812 (census).

The estate settlement of Jacob Funk is in Case 1299 in Wayne Co OH 1858. Lydia was made guardian of minor children: Ann, Marilla, and Mary 12/10/1858

[Children of Jacob Funk and Dorcas Morgan]

Hugh Funk b 13 Oct 1802 WV d 28 Nov 1879 Wayne Co OH; m Elizabeth Kanaan Cornell {7 children}

Elizabeth Funk b 22 Jun 1805 WV d 1845-48 Porter Co IN; m Daniel Dye {9 children}

Mercy Funk b 8 Jan 1809 WV d aft 1860 m Samuel Axe {6 children}

America Funk b 1 Oct 1810 WV d 29 sep 1873 Wayne Co OH m 1) Mary Ann Cowan; m 2) Mrs Fanny Herr Kaufman m 3) Mrs Hannah Bumgardner {8 children}

Stephen Funk b 1 Oct 1812 WV d 18 Nov 1890 Fulton Co OH m Hannah Jewell no issue

John Funk b 27 Aug 1814 OH d 18 Aug 1895 Fulton Co OH; m Anjanette Loterdale {5 children}

Jacob Funk b 13 Feb 1818 OH d 17 May1895 Fulton Co OH m Rachel Wells {5 children}

Silas Funk b 10 Jul 1824 OH d 15 Jul 1866 Wayne Co OH m 1) Elizabeth Wells m 2) Malinda Shaffer {3 children}

Tabitha Funk b Oct 1826 Wayne Cot., OH d 1901 Co OH m John J Winbigler {9 children}

[Children of Jacob Funk and Lydia Tracy:]

Charles Bruce Funk b abt 1837 m Hester Shreve

Charlotte Funk b abt 1839 m ??? Ross

Ann Funk b 19 Jul 1841 m Francis Winbigler

Manila Funk b 4 Apr 1843 m Alexander A Carr

Mary C Funk b 21 May 1847 m George G Sinkerson (Snimkinson?)

b. John (Johannes) Funk was b 7 Oct 1778 in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co Pa and d abt 1846 in Preston Co (now) WV (death date from tax records) He was baptized in the Muddy Creek Reformed Church 11 Apr 1779 by Rev John Waldschmidt; sponsors: Michael and Dorothea Frankhouser. He m 25 Nov 1805 Eunice Ann “Unity” Taylor dau of Samuel and Elizabeth Taylor. Eunice b abt 1790 (census) and d abt 1864 in Preston Co

The following was written by a granddaughter, Florence Hunter Funk:

“John Funk was a pure German. He learned to speak English when half grown. Of the place and time of his birth the writer is not informed. He m Eunice Ann Taylor about the beginning of the 19th century.

“Eunice Ann Taylor Funk was daughter of an English physician. Her father taught her the art of healing. There is a tradition in the Funk family that she was the first licensed lady doctor in the U.S.A. Be that as it may, the writer is reliably informed that she had a heavy practice, often riding on horseback a distance of 40 miles to visit a patient.

“The Funk home was on the Pike near Cheat River in what is now West Va. It was sort of a way-side inn or road house. Traffic on the Pike must have been very heavy during those early years. They kept travelers and corralled the droves of stock that traders were taking to the markets. Despite so many duties Dr Eunice Ann Taylor Funk found time to bear {13 children}, 9 boys and 4 girls, and reared all to maturity. (Here they are named)

“The lure of cheap land brought Samuel, George Washington, William Harrison, Joseph, and Thomas Wesley to Missouri. Here they became prosperous and highly respected citizens of Knox Co MO. The writer’s father, Thomas Wesley Funk, was a conductor on the Baltimore and Ohio RR for 7 years, but his brothers in Missouri urged him to quit the road for their state, hence he came to Missouri in 1859. The B & 0 was the first railroad in the US. Despite his great liking for railroading, he made good at farming.”

All children b in Preston Co VA (now WV)

Samuel Funk b 17 Sep 1806 d 11 Sep 1864 Knox Co MO; m Christina Stemple {9 children}

Elizabeth “Betsy” Funk b 8 Sep 1808 d 26 Apr 1893 Knox Co MO m Nathan Ashby {12 children}

Jonathan Funk b 1809 d 18 Dec 1865 Preston Co WV m Ann Eliza Wotring {7 children}

George Washington Funk b 5 Mar 1813 d 15 Aug 1906 Knox Co MO m 1) Grace Forman; m 2) Mrs Nancy Fox Smith {13 children}

William Harrison Funk b 1 Mar 1815 d 6 Aug 1887 Kirksville MO m 1) Sarah Stemple m 2) Mrs. Sarah Agnes Palmer Wall {9 children}

John Nathan Funk b 28 Jul 1817 d 23 Dec 1898 Preston Co WV m Catherine “KittCassody {9 children}

Malinda Funk b Nov 1818 d 1900-1910 Preston Co WV m Henry Shaver {12 children}

Eunice Ann Funk b 1821 d 18 Jul 1874 Preston Co WV Unmarried ... had a mental condition

Jacob Funk b 29 nov 1823 d 28 Feb 1897 Lewis Co WV m 1) Verlinda Felton m 2) Mrs Nancy Watkins Golden {13 children}

James T Funk b 24 Jan 1826 d 18 Oct 1903 Preston Co WV m Mary J Brown {3 children}

Sarah Jane Funk b 21 Oct 1827 d 1 May 1872 Preston Co WV m Christian Bishop (Bishoff) {8 children}

Joseph Funk b 8 Oct 1830 d 19 Feb 1916 Kirksville MO m Ann Elizabeth Taylor {10 children}

Thomas Wesley Funk b 26 Mar 1833 d 16 May 1917 Kirksville MO m Rachel McMichael Johnson {5 children}

c. Catherine Funk b abt 1780 in PA m 24 Sep 1798 in Rockingham Co VA, Leonard Painter. Family may have moved to Ohio

d. Susanna Funk b 1 Feb 1783 d aft 1850 m abt 1803 Phillip Martin b abt 1785 d aft 1860

John Martin b 24 Oct 1804 d 4Jan 1879 Preston Co WV m Sarah Watson {8 children}

Jacob F Martin b 16 Jan 1806 d 26 Oct 1885 Preston Co WV m Margaret Forman {5 children}

Susan Martin b abt 1808 m William Forman {7 children}

Phillip Martin Jr b 1811 d 1896 m 1) Nancy Beavers m 2) Emeline Loar 10 children

David Martin b 1813 d 1887 m 1) Lydia Feather m 2) Celia Jefferys {10 children}

Joseph Martin b 18 Mar 1815 d 13 May 1871 Preston Co WV m 1) Ann Forman m 2) Mary Field Straphang {6 children}

Samuel Martin b 5 Aug 1821 d 16 Mar 1903 Preston Co WV m Rebecca DeWitt {8 children}

Margaret Martin b 19 Apr 1821 d 31 Oct 1907 Grinnell, IA m Samuel W Snider {9 children}

Catherine Martin m John Durr may have moved to Texas

e. Elizabeth Funk b Mar 1786 d 7 Oct 1866 Preston Co WV m 26 Oct 1812, Edmisson Moore b 8 Apr 1789 d 11 Jul 1873 son of the former Mrs John Green who m 2) ??? Moore and m 3) Jonathan Spurgeon. John Green was killed by Indians.

John Moore b abt 1814 m Rebecca Guseman {3 children}

Sarah Moore b 13 Dec 1817 d 18 Jul 1869 m Samuel Snider

Keziah Moore b abt 1819 d aft 1870 m 1) John Simpson m 2) Alexander Shahan {2 children}

Alpheus W Moore b May 1822 d 18 Jan 1889 in Taylor Co WV m Mary Wilkins {6 children}

Mary Ann Moore b 3 Oct 1823 d 6 Jul 1896 Preston Co WV m Andrew Bolyard {1 child}


[Children of John Funk and Jemima Britain:]

f. Joseph Funk was b abt 1794 in Virginia and d aft 1871 probably in Franklin Co MO. He m 1) in MO, Elizabeth Horine b abt 1800 d abt 1847 in Franklin Co MO. She was dau of John and Elizabeth Shoemaker Horine of KY. Joseph m 2) 30 Oct 1848 in Franklin Co Elizabeth Hearst, widow of William G Hearst and dau of Jacob and Martha Wheat Collins. She was b 12 Jun 1799 in Georgia and d 4 Feb 1861 in MO. She and Joseph are bur in the Turner Cemetery.

Joseph was an important citizen in early MO history. He paid taxes in Franklin Co as early as 1823. He was postmaster at Travelers Repose from 8 Jul 1843 until 13 Jan 1849. He was county judge in 1837 and 1838, and he and William Hearst were appointed to the Mineral School District board of trustees on 11 Aug 1835. He was the executor of his father-in-law’s estate (will dated 20 Dec 1824)

Lydia Funk b abt 1822 m John Bennett {3 children}

Druscilla Funk b 3 Dec 1824 Washington Co MO d 15 May 1923 Franklin Co MO m 1) John Hulsey m 2) Burgess Eldridge {12 children}

Delilah Funk b 24 Dec 1827 d 13 May 1887 Franklin Co MO m John W Morrow {6 children}

Nancy Funk b 24 Dec 1827 Franklin Co MO d 15 May 1922 Ft Worth TX m James Armstrong (both bur Crow Cemetery, near Sullivan MO). {6 children}

Benjamin Funk b abt 1833 went to California before 1860

John Funk b abt 1835 MO m 19 Dec 1860 in Colusa Co CA, Susan Hunter b abt 1844 IL

Elizabeth Funk b abt 1837

Harriet Funk b 22 Jul 1842 d Jul 1918 Jonesboro AR m John B Nichols {9 children}

Clarissa “Clara’ Funk b 14 Feb 1845 near St Clair MO d 8 Mar 1930 near Rolla MO ml) William L Burton m 2) John T Moore m 3) Samuel S Burton {8 children}

g. Margaret Funk b abt 1796 d Mar 1860 in Preston Co WV m 12 Sep 1812 William Morgan son of William Morgan Sr. and Hannah ??? who m 2) 11 Nov 1802 Michael Grady. Hannah lived to be over 100 years of age. William was a brother of Hugh Morgan whose daughter m Jacob Funk.

James Morgan b abt 1813

John Morgan b abt 1815 m Margaret Carroll

Malinda Morgan b abt 1816 m John Herndon {6 children}

Hannah Morgan b abt 1818 m Jesse James Ashby lived Garrett Co MD {7 children}

David Morgan b 13 Nov 1822 d 24 Jun 1898 Albright (Preston Co) WV m Mary Albright {5 children}

Harriet Morgan b abt 1826 m Joseph Hartley

William Morgan b abt 1828

Elizabeth “Betsy” Morgan b abt 1830 d aft 1882 m John Loar

George Morgan b abt 1832

h. Benjamin B Funk b 12 Nov 1798 Rockingham Co VA d 20 Sep 1851 Princeton (Bureau Co) IL He m 1) about 1821 in MO Catherine Wiley sister of George W Wiley.; Catherine b abt 1802 d 2 Nov 1838 Mt. Hope (Lafayette Co) WI. Benjamin m 2) 13 Apr 1841 in Menard Co IL Mrs. Nancy Alkire Black b abt 1813 near Cincinnati OH d 1897.

From a report by Sidney Funk Townsend, descendant of Sidney B Funk, son of Benjamin Britton Funk, furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Howard V Funk of NY:

“Benjamin Britton Funk was b November 19, 1798 on his father’s farm on the Cheat River, near the town of Kingwood (Preston Co) VA. In his youth, he went to OH, but after a short stay there, reports of fine opportunities in the lead mines of MO induced him to travel further west. He settled in Jefferson Co MO which lies along the Mississippi River a little south of St. Louis. While there he met and m Catherine Wiley. Their first {2 children} were b in MO; Harriet b Feb 14, 1823 (later Mrs. George Kleeberger of Apple River, Ill.) and Mary (Mrs. Rundle of Cedar Rapids, Iowa). In 1827, the families of Funks and Wileys decided to go to the lead mine area further north. They went by way of Peoria, Dixon’s Ferry, and Fever River lead mines at Galena to Gratiot’s Grove, in what was later Lafayette Co WI, arriving there April 14, 1828 and soon settled on adjoining farms in present Monticello Twp. Where they engaged in farming and stock raising. Two more children were b to Catherine Wiley Funk: John Edgar b April 10, 1829 (who spent most of his life on the Funk farm) and Alonzo A (later of Independence KS)

Benjamin Funk was a valuable man in the community. He had a knowledge of medicine and was often called upon to treat sick neighbors in those early days. He served as a Captain in the Black Hawk War and Funk Fort, built on his farm, was completed during the winter of 1831-32. Some years later the Funk school was built on his farm also. In 1838 Catherine Wiley Funk d and was bur in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Monticello Twp. One half mile from her home. In the fall of 1841, Capt. Ben traveled down to Logan Co IL near Springfield, where he m Mrs. Nancy Alkire Black ... who had {3 children} by her first marriage ... Joseph Penn, David A, and Elzina Black ... One son, Sidney, was b of this marriage.

Sidney Britton Funk was b Jan 25, 1842 on his father’s farm ... during the summer of 1851 his parents went on a trip to Central IL to visit his mother’s relatives near Springfield. On the return trip Capt. Funk became ill and d Sept 28, 1851 near Princeton IL. He was bur 15 miles from Princeton.

The next summer Nancy Funk and her son moved to Apple River after her oldest stepson, John Edgar Funk had returned from California to take over the management of the farm after his father’s death. He had gone west in 1849 in the Gold Rush.”

Continuing, with reference to the Funk family of Funk’s Grove, Ill “Details of exact relationship are so far not available, but it is most likely that Isaac and Benjamin were closely related ... cousins possibly or second cousins at the most. This possibility explains why Benjamin Funk went from southern Wisconsin to Logan Co Ill, in the close vicinity of Funk’s Grove where he was undoubtedly well known among his Funk relatives as well as by individuals of other families who had migrated along with the Funks ...”

[Children of Benjamin Funk and Catherine Wiley:]

Harriet Funk b 14 Feb 1823 Jefferson Co MO d 25 Apr 1909 m 28 Feb 1842 Jo Davies Co IL George L H Kleeberger b abt 1818 Germany.

Children b Lafayette Co WI.

Catherine Kleeberger b abt 1842

Edward Kleeberger b abt 1843 m Laura??

Sophia Kleeberger b abt 1846

Henry B Kleeberger b abt 1847

George R Kleeberger b abt 1849

Rena Kleeberger b abt 1854

Caroline Kleeberger b abt 1856

Benjamin Kleeberger b abt 1858

Joseph Kleeberger b 1859

Mary Funk b Jan 1825 MO d aft 1910 m 1) Miner Burdeck m 2) abt 1849 Nicholas Rundle b abt 1819 England d 27 Dec 1863 IA. He is bur in Bowens Prairie (Richland Twp, Jones Co) IA. Nicholas was a blacksmith.

Some children, there are others.

Joseph A Burdeek b abt 1843

Pamela A Burdeck b abt 1845

Adelia L Rundle b abt 1849

Joseph Alonzo Funk b 6 Nov 1827 MO d 23 Jan 1910 Independence KS m 17 Feb 1846 in Lafayette Co WI, Ester Elvina Todd.

Celestia Olivia Funk b 4 Mar 1847 WI d 16 Dec 1923 Hampton IA m 15 Feb 1871 James Henry Hutchins

Edgar Milem Funk b 3 Apr 1849 WI m 20 Aug 1873 Seraphina Maynard b 1853 Cuba

Conta Funk b 5 Oct 1877

Roy Alonzo Funk b 4 May 1877

Adria Alonzo Funk b 19 Apr 1852 d 1855

Sereno Albert Funk d 18 Dec 1853 d Sep 1854

Ildo Alfonzo Funk b 13 Jun 1856 WI d 17 Jul 1902 San Francisco CA m 8 Apr 1885 Mary J Tulley {1 son, 1 dau}

Carrie Marie Funk b 4Apr 1858 WI m 17 Jul 1876 Harrison P Wiltsie {2 sons, 3 dau}

Catherine “Kate” Funk b 6 Jul 1862 IL m 6 Sep 1882 Thomas Calk (druggist) b Dec 1852 d 5 Nov 1909 {2 sons }

Bernard Calk b Jul 1884


John Edgar Funk b 10 Apr 1829 Lafayette Co WI d 12 Apr 1911 WI bur Mt Hope Cem. m 14 Dec 1852 Galena IL Sophronia Dimmick dau of Lot and Mary Ann Dimmick

Ida Emma Funk b 23 Sep l853 d 11 Jul 1854 Mt Hope Cem

Zalmon Edgar Funk b 5 Jun 1855 in Mabel Nefger

Adeline Sophronia Funk b 23 May 1855 m Albert Volland

Norman Alonzo Funk b 5 May 1860 d 11 Oct 1939 Spencer (Clay Co) IA m Mary Silesias Carveth b 8 Jan 1869 d l6Apr 1947

Howard Vern “Bap” Funk b 23 Feb 1896

Mary Ann Funk b 23 Jul 1863

George Harvey Funk b 21 Nov 1866 d 6 Feb 1885 Olympia, WA

Ernest Albert Funk b 18 Mar 1872 d 12 Jul 1903 Mt Hope Cem. 


[Child of Benjamin Funk and Nancy Alkire:]

Sidney B Funk b 25 Jan 1842 Lafayette Co WI d 25 Jan 1881 Hampton (Franklin Co) IA m 12 Nov 1865 in Jo Daviess Co IL Frances Adeline Cowan

From Sidney Funk Townsend ... “Sidney Britton Funk was b Jan. 25, 1842 on his father’s farm in Monticello Twp ... enlisted at Apple River, Ill. Aug 12, 1862 in Co E 96th Regt IL Vol. Inf. He received his 2nd Lt commission in Apr 1863. He was severely wounded at the battle of Chickamauga Sep 20 1863. After a long period of hospitalization he resigned his commission at Nashville TN on Feb 20 1864 and returned to Apple River IL. There he m Frances Adeline Cowan Nov 12, 1865 and they lived in Scales Mound, Ill. They moved to Independence KS in Jan 1872, but returned to Apple River in the spring of 1874 and he worked for Black Irvine, and Hapgood Plow Co. of which he later became treasurer. He d at Hampton, Iowa while on a business trip on Tues. Jan 25, 1881, his 38th birthday and was bur Sunday morning Jan 30 in the Mount Hope Cemetery within sight of his birthplace.”

Clarence Funk b abt 1866

Carlyle Funk b abt 1868

Marian Funk b abt 1871

Lester Funk b abt 1874

Inez Funk (twin) b 1878

Irene Funk (twin) b 1878



i. Hosea B Funk b 14 Feb 1800 Rockingham Co VA d 28 Dec 1881 Shelbyville, (Shelby Co) IL m 3 Apr 1823 in Guernsey Co OH Marium Hammuck b 10 Jan 1800 in Hampshire Co VA d 30 Jul 1879 Shelby Co IL. Marium was dau of John and Catherine Cline Hammuck. Hosea left WV for OH abt 1820 and the family moved to IL abt 1854. Hosea and Marium are both bur in Greenwood Cem Shelbyville IL.

[See Hosea B Funk obit at end of this page.]


Jemima Catherine Funk b 1 Apr 1825 OH d aft 1880 MN m 13 Nov 1845 in Guernsey Co OH Benjamin Wharton b Jan 1820 Spotsylvania Court House VA d 18 Jun 1880 Pipestone MN bur St Charles (Winona) MN {7 children}

John Funk b 22 May 1826 OH d 11 Jan 1903 Tower Hill (Shelby Co) IL m 1) 18 Dec 1849 OH Margaret Callahan m 2) 3 Feb 1859 Shelby Co IL, Nancy Walker b abt 1838 d abt 1903 {10 children}

Benjamin Funk b 27 Jan 1828 OH d 27 Oct 1840 OH

Lemuel N Funk b 13 May 1830 d 20 Feb 1904 Ft Worth TX m 1857 IL Mary Graham b 12 Apr 1836 d 22 Aug 1862 Shelby Co IL bur Henton Cem Shelby Co m 2) 25 Oct 1870 Olive Oliver {3 children}

Samuel S Funk b 11 Oct 1831 OH d 20 Feb 1916 Wichita KS m 11 Mar 1862 Marysville (Yuba Co) CA Susan Ann Crusen b II Mar 1844 Dayton OH d 1 Jun 1920 Wichita KS. Both bur Kechi (Segwick Co) KS {10 children}

Joseph B Funk b 8 Oct 1833 OH d 2 Sep 1844 OH

Silas Funk b 10 Jul 1835 OH d 8 Aug 1844 OH

Hosea H Funk b l5 Nov 1836 OH d l4 Sep 1930 Shelbyville IL m 1) 8 Feb 1860 IL Sarah E McMorris b abt l84ó d abt 1890 m 2) 9Dec 1891 Elizabeth Igo {2 sons}

j Nancy Funk b abt 1801 VA m 5 Oct 1816 George Jones son of John Jones. They appear on the 1820 census list with 4 small children, 2 boys and 2 girls. No further information

k Drusilla Funk b 1806 VA d 1871 Monongalia Co VA m abt 1824 Christopher Nicholson (a teacher)

All children b Monongalia Co

William C Nicholson b 26 Dec 1824 d 26 Mar 1906 Monongalia Co m Elizabeth J Trowbridge b 27 Mar 1827 d 12 Mar 1912 Dellslow WV bur Nicholson Chapel, Dellslow (Monongalia Co) WV {4 children}

Benjamin F Nicholson b Apr 1828 m Mahela Hatfield Margaret Ann Nicholson b 7 May 1830 m Jacob H Hart b 1818 d 24 Jun 1911 Mellon Chapel Cem. Monongalia Co WV

Amanda Nicholson b 1837

John E Nicholson b 1839

James W Nicholson b Jun 1840 m Martha Rifler

Albert Nicholson b 1844 d 15 May 1911 Dellslow m Elizabeth ??? b abt 1844 d 13 Apr 1911

Virginia B Nicholson

l. George Funk was b in 1809 in now Preston Co WV and d after 1870 in the same county. He m abt 1829 Sarah Bucklew b abt 1808 d 7 Jul 1893 in Taylor Co WV

Children all b in Preston Co.

William M Funk b 20 Feb 1830 d Apr 1920 Preston Co m l8 Dec l849 Nancy H Carrico b l2 Feb l830 d 2Aug 1907 dau of Joseph and Seboth Carrico. William and Nancy bur Knotts Ridge Cem. William was a Civil war veteran of Co H 12th WV lnf. Pensioner {4 children}

Sarah Margaret Funk b abt 1831

Joseph B Funk b 15 Jun 1833 d 13 Dec 1915 Preston Co m abt 1850 Barbara Ellen Knotts b 8 Jan 1830 d 13 May 1908 bur Nazareth Cem, Preston Co. {11 children}

John Amos Funk b l0 Aug 1836 d l9 Dec 1878 of typhoid fever in Sugar Creek Twp (Tyler Co) WV m 25 Dec 1856 in Taylor Co WV, Nancy Rosier b 22 Mar 1840 d aft 1900, dau of Jacob & Mary Rosier {5 children}

Benjamin Funk b 24 Mar 1838 d 3 Feb 1925 m 9 Sep 1858 Mary Ann Dancer b 8 Sep 1839 d 1 Sep 1915 bur Red Oak Cem Preston Co. {8 children}

Israel Baldwin Funk b 20 Sep 1840 d 26 Jan 1928 Taylor Co WV m 26 Dec 1861 Sarah Ann Rosier b 15 Sep 1840 d 24 Aug 1921 dau of John and Narcissa Hull Rosier Both bur Webster Cem Grafton WV {8 children}

Jemima Ann Funk b 16 Feb 1843 d 25 Apr 1930 m 1) 10 Nov 1861 (divorced 1881) Alexander Bolyard b Feb 1841 d 24 Aug 1918 Taylor Co WV m 2) 2 Oct 1881 William B Jackson b 1830 d 15 Jul 1916. Jemima and William Jackson bur Nazareth Cem Preston Co. {8 Rolyard children and 1 Jackson son}

Philip Funk b abt 1845 d aft 1870

Mary K Funk b 26 Mar 1848 d 16 Jul 1924 Taylor Co WV m 11 Sep 1881 Alexander Bolyard b Feb 1841 d 24 Aug 1918 Mary and Alexander bur Mt Pleasant Cem Taylor Co WV {10 children} (Yes, this is the same man who was m to her sister and had children by both women from 1865 ... )

Sarah Jane Elizabeth Funk b 3 Dec 1852 d 2 Sep 1940 m 14 Feb 1870 Josiah Bolyard b 3 Jan 1849 {15 children}



4. George Funk b abt 1751 in PA d abt 1835 probably in Canaveron Twp (Lancaster Co) PA. He served in the Revolutionary War in the German Regt from 1776 until 1780 (Virginia-Pennsylvania Line). From “Acts of the General assembly of the Commonwealth of Pa” 1812 p 167, sect II “... that the state treasurer pay unto ... and George Funk, of Lancaster County, or their order, the sum of forty dollars immediately, and an annuity of forty dollars each, payable half-yearly during their lives, to commence on the first of January, one thousand eight hundred and twelve.”

George m 4 Mar 1782 in Berks Co PA by Rev William Boas, Jacobina Mueller b abt 1765 d after 1820 dau of Jacob Mueller. George was the administrator of the estate of his brother-in-law, Peter Dell, husband of his sister Catherine who later m Melchoir Segner. See Book 4 p 228 Berks Co Pa 30 Jan 1782

a. Catherine Funk b 14 Apr 1784 bap 16 Apr 1784 Schwartzwald Ref Church, Berks Co PA Sponsor: Catherine Ficks

b. Anna Maria Funk b 18 Dec 1785 bap 25 Dec 1785 Berks Co Sponsor: Anna Maria Fix

c. Elisabetha Funk b 2 Oct 1789 bap 9 Oct 1789 Berks Co d 3 Aug 1791

d. John Wilhelm Funk b 25 Feb 1792 bap 11 Mar 1792 Berks Co. Sponsor: John Wilhelm & Maria Elisabeth Strunck m 27 Aug 1830 in Berks Co Leah Marks

e. Maria Elizabeth Funk b 10 Jan 1795 bap 28 Jan 1795 Berks Co Sponsor: Maria Elisabeth Strunck

f. Margaretha Funk b 21 Oct 1797 bap 26 dec 1797 Berks Co Sponsor: Elisabetha Foltz

g. Phoebe Funk b abt 1806 PA


5. Catherine Funk b abt 1756 d aft 1819 probably in Berks Co PA. She m 1) 18 May 1781 Peter Dell of Reading, PA, who d before Jan 1782. She m 2) (as dau of John Funk, deceased) 2 Jul 1782 by Rev. Waldschmidt, Melchoir Segner, son of Thomas Segner, deceased. Melchoir d in 1819 in l3erks Co PA. His will in German dated 2 Sep l8l9 was proved 22 Oct 1819 Book C 1, p l69 Berks Co.

a. Elizabeth Segner b 16 Feb 1784 bap 11 Apr 1784 by Rev Waldschmidt Sponsors: Johannes Schub Jr and Barbara Schub

b. Jacob Segner b 12 Dec 1785 bap 25 Jun 1786 by Rev Waldschmidt Sponsors: Filip and Catherine Funk

c. Catherine Segner b 8 Jan 1791 Berks Co PA

d. Anna Segner b 15 Apr 1793 Berks Co PA

e. Wilhelm Segner b 14 Feb 1796 bap 10 Apr 1796 Allegheny Ch Sponsors: Fred Schwater and Barbara


6. Jacob Funk (possible son of George) b abt 1758 PA d abt 1801 Lancaster Co PA married by Rev Boas 29 Jun 1781 in Berks Co PA, Elisabetha Moser

a. John Moser Funk b 9 Dec 1782 bap 25 Jul 1785 in Trinity Lutheran Ch, Lancaster PA

b. Henry Biting Funk b 8 May 1785 bap 25 Jul 1785 Trinity Lutheran Ch, Lancaster, PA


7. Philip Funk b abt 1761 PA d 1819 Shenandoah Co VA. Philip m 3 Oct 1780 in Robeson Twp., Berks Co Pa, Christina Scheffer

He paid tax in Brecknock Twp (Lancaster Co) PA in 1775 and 1782 until 1785.From 1787 until 1791 he was taxed in Frederick Co VA. He bought land on Crooked Run, Frederick Co VA 5 Oct 1791 from Conrad and Barbara Dan.

a. Johannes Funk b 20 Mar 1781 Lancaster Co Pa bap 9 Sep 1781 Sponsor: John and Elizabeth Funk m 11 Jun 1801 in Frederick Co VA, Ann Golladay

b. Michael Funk b 15 Nov 1783 bap 5 Feb 1784 Muddy Creek Ref Ch, Lancaster Co PA Sponsors: Michael Frankhouser and Magdalena d after 1850 probably in Warren Co VA m 1 Sep 1807 in Frederick Co VA Catherine Ridenour b abt 1790 VA d 4 Mar 1853 Warren Co VA

Children all b Virginia

Isaac Funk b abt 1808

Israel Funk b abt 1810

Phillip Funk b abt 1812

Michael Funk b abt 1814

Mary Funk b abt 1815

Henry Funk b abt 1816

Barbara Funk b abt 1822

Magdalena Funk b abt 1824

Samuel Funk b abt 1825

Susannah Funk b abt 1832

Elizabeth Funk b abt 1835

c. Phillipsies (Philip) Funk b 20 May 1786 bap 25 Jun 1786 Muddy Creek Ref Ch, Brecknock Twp (Lancaster Co) PA Sponsors: Melchoir and Catherine Segner

d. Polly Funk b abt 1788 VA m John Kipps



OBITUARY: Hosea B Funk

Another Father in Israel Gone

Hosea B Funk died after a brief illness, at his home with his son, (Hosea H Funk) in Shelbyville, Ill., on the night of December 28, 1881. Born in Monongahela County, Virginia, February l4, 1800, being nearly 82 years old at his death

This venerable fellow citizen very fitly ranks among the men of steady habits, industry, enterprise, intelligence, good morals and pure patriotism, who have made our country first among the nations of the earth. He was a man of a sound mind in a sound body. He was from a long lived ancestry of German descent, and to the last his faculties showed little or no signs of [ . (illegible)] was writing for a few days before his death a record of his family as far back as his grandparents. In fact he was writing at it when the summons and did not get it finished. This record is made clear and legible so that one not knowing would scarcely suspect that it was written by a hand 81 years old. From this record we learn that his grand parents on both sides lived to be 80 and 90 years old

His father, John Funk, was born in Old Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was a. regular graduate of an Allopathic school of medicine. He was bitten by a mad fox while walking through a meadow in the night. He was bled nearly to death, but rallied and lived for twenty years, when he took with a trembling in the arm that was bitten, and that side became paralized and remained so for twelve years when death released him at the age of 62

Hosea B (who was the third son by a second wife) left Virginia in 1821, and with a knap-sack weighing thirty-two pounds on his back, traveled to northern Ohio. In 1822 he went to southeastern Ohio, and on April 3d, 1823, he was married to Marium Hammuck of Hampshire county, Virginia. They emigrated to Illinois in 18— and finally settled in Shelby county in 18—. These faithful twain lived together to share each other’s joys and console each other’s sorrows, and do the good they could to those whom God entrusted to their care until July 30, 1879, when the true wife passed on to leave the husband more lonely. For fifty six years they were one and had born to them nine children, namely Jemima, John, Benjamin, Lemuel, Samuel, Joseph B, Silas, Hosea H, Sarah, Mariah, four of whom, Silas, Joseph; Benjamin and Sarah are dead, and two others [renoou?] to keep green the memory of the virtues of the noble father and mother whose spirits now dwell in the heavenly mansions. These two were naturally religious, but for many years they remained outside the visible church because with their liberal and rational views they could not endorse the creeds of the churches about them.

Mr Funk formerly united with the Unitarian church, Shelbyville, on Nov 14, 1872. He- and his wife were both liberal Christians and lived and died with bright hopes of the blessed immortality beyond the grave. Quite serene in mind and conscious to the last, he requested the minister to speak some words of comfort over his dead body from the words of Paul Rom 8, 24-23, ‘For we are saved by hope. But if we hope for that we see not then do we with patience wait for it.” He was drawn to these words by a sermon which he liked, preached by his pastor and published some time ago, entitled: Hoping, Waiting and Resting

Now the dear old man is no more with us in the earthly body, we are glad to remember all his cheerful, gentle, and pleasant ways, and to think of him as fully ripened fruit gathered into the heavenly garners. Blessed be the memory of such aged ones.