Transcribed from a handwritten document, written by Mildred (Oleman) Leisy in 1990 a few months before she died. Ardeth (Meissner) McBride sent me an annotated copy in Feb 2006.

This is all the information you’ll need to form a family tree, I think.

The Oleman Clan

Charles Ignace Oleman and Louise Leopoldine Dubois were married in Amiens, France May 21, 1870.

They moved to Salem from Canada in 1890.

This is a list of their children. [Bracketed names added by Ardeth McBride]


Charlotte Constance Oleman Burrell, born in Amiens, France Feb 29, 1871. Died Aug 1964.


Leopoldine, born in Amiens, France Dec 24, 1872.


Charles Peter, born in Canada 1874 Nov 5.


Ida born in Canada Oct 2, 1876.
She was married to Arch Horning and he died so she married Charles Croisant. He died and she lived to be 98 yrs of age.

Baby was born and only lived 10 days.


Theresa born in Canada, Dec 30, 1879.
Died Aug 12, 1969.





Dad [Charles Ignace Oleman] was born in Hanover, Germany.
Died Aug 2, 1910.

Mother [Louise Leopoldine Dubois] was born April 14, 1853 in Amiens, France.
Died Dec. 16, 1928. They are buried in Kings Valley Cemetery

Clara’s son Ralph [Sadler] lives at Gov Camp. He will be 80 in Dec.

Earle Horning is at Albany Hospital. He has had several strokes.

Charlotte and Bill and all their family except La Verne and Frances are buried in the Portland Memorial.


Mary & Cab & Golda are all buried in Portland Memorial.


Clara & Matt and Ralph’s wife are buried in the Portland Memorial.


[William and Levi (twins)]


David is buried in Portland Memorial.
His wife is in a nursing home.




Irwin and I have our crypts in the Portland Memorial.

Clara & Bill Johnson will be cremated and buried in the Portland Memorial. She was married to La Verne Burell and when he died she cremated him and he is buried in Napa, CA. She married Bill Johnsen in 1974.

I went to France in 1967 and had a nice visit with Mother’s family. Pierre & Murielle came here in 1982 & 1986. They call me often. His grandparents and my Uncle & Aunt are buried in a cemetery in Amiens, France.

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