Adolph Frederick Meissner, 1919

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Brother Ernest

Adolph Frederick Meissner was born 20 Mar 1861 at Cashton, Portland Twp, Monroe Co, WI.

On 17 September 1883 at Cashton, Portland Twp, Monroe, WI he married Loretta Haskins who was born 9 Jul 1865 in Sheldon, Monroe Co, WI and died 19 Jun 1924 in Palmdale, Los Angeles Co, CA. They had 11 children:

Thalia Dorathea Dillie Meissner, b 25 May 1884
Albert William Meissner, b 14 Aug 1885
Adolph Elmer Meissner, b 8 Dec 1889
Louis Carl Meissner, b 13 Feb 1893
Manly Maderio Wadsworth Meissner, b 2 Mar 1897
Charles Whittier Meissner, b: 3 Oct 1898
Carrie Hilda Meissner, b 18 Aug 1900
Paul Revere Meissner, b 13 Nov 1901
Lillian Olive Meissner, b 1 Nov 1903
Edith Goldie Mae Meissner, b 28 May 1906
Percy James Meissner, b 19 Jun 1907

Children and grandchildren of Adolph and Loretta are listed HERE . There is also a more comprehensive listing that includes "all" descendants of Adolph Frederick Meissner (so far as I know them).

He married Mattie Applegate McLennan 02 Apr 1928.

He died 10 Sep 1939 at Moore, OK.

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