Children of Ernest Frederick Meissner and Martha Ann Bradshaw

1 MEISSNER, Ernest Frederick b: 20 Jul 1859 in Cashton, Portland Twp, Monroe, WI d: 28 Dec 1940 in Summit, Benton, OR

.. +BRADSHAW, Martha Ann b: 19 Sep 1866 in Beaver, Beaver, UT m: 25 Dec 1883 in Beaver, Beaver, UT d: 04 Mar 1945 in Salem, Marion, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, Ernest Richard b: 24 Jul 1884 in Beaver, Beaver, UT d: 21 Feb 1970 in Chilliwack, BC

............ +HUTCHENS, Edna Clare b: 1888 in Beaver, Beaver, UT m: 24 Jul 1912 in Josephine Co, OR d: 09 Jun 1974 in Chilliwack, BC

........ 2 MEISSNER, Frederick Adolph b: 23 Jan 1886 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 03 Feb 1966 in Lebanon, Linn, OR

............ +SAMMONS, Emily N b: 28 Nov 1891 in Canada m: 31 Dec 1920 in Marion Co, OR d: 14 Mar 1967 in Canby, Clackamas, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, George Albert b: 07 Feb 1888 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 07 Nov 1967 in Lebanon, Linn, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, Franklin Joram b: 12 Mar 1890 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 10 Dec 1891 in Kerby, Josephine, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, Frank b: 25 Mar 1893 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 18 Jan 1971 in Lebanon, Linn, OR

............ +CORNELL, Ethel Mae b: 16 Oct 1900 in Thomas, Custer, OK m: 26 Apr 1916 in Ontario, Malheur, OR d: 11 May 1970 in Springfield, Lane, OR

........ *2nd Wife of MEISSNER, Frank:

............ +BUEL, Stella b: 1897 in Kerby, Josephine, OR m: 1930 (wild guess)

........ 2 MEISSNER, Eva Alice b: 16 Mar 1895 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 12 Jan 1986 in Chilliwack, BC

............ +LEFFERSON, William Barklow b: 05 Oct 1885 in Conover, OH m: 22 Mar 1911 in Lebanon, Linn, OR d: 04 Jan 1975 in Chilliwack, BC

........ 2 MEISSNER, Nellie Grace b: 09 Jun 1899 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 29 Aug 1986 in Lebanon, Linn, OR

............ +ROSE, Russell Clarence b: 04 Dec 1893 in Lebanon, Linn, OR m: 12 Jun 1917 in Linn Co, OR d: 28 Jan 2000 in Lebanon, Linn, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, Martha Mae b: 24 Nov 1901 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 24 Jul 1937 in Grand Ronde, Yamhill, OR

............ +BUCKNUM, William Howard b: 03 Nov 1894 in Heppner, Morrow, OR m: 18 Jul 1919 in Blodgett, Benton, OR d: 22 Apr 1957 in Portland, OR

........ 2 MEISSNER, Lena Althea b: 20 Nov 1905 in Kerby, Josephine, OR d: 25 Mar 1987 in Philomouth, Benton, OR

............ +OLEMAN, Kenneth Murray b: 05 Apr 1902 in Summit, Benton, OR d: 11 Sep 1982 in Siletz, Lincoln, OR

........ *1st Husband of MEISSNER, Lena Althea:

............ +LEMON, Warren Edgar b: 16 Nov 1899 in Attica, Lapeer, MI m: 25 Dec 1923 in Lincoln County, Ore d: Apr 1961 in Multnomah Co, OR

........ *2nd Husband of MEISSNER, Lena Althea:

............ +STAPLETON, Bert Edward b: 18 Aug 1892 in Penalosa, Kingman, KS m: 1930 d: 03 Dec 1959 in Harrisburg, Linn Co, OR

........ *3rd Husband of MEISSNER, Lena Althea:

............ +STAHL, Homer N b: 06 Apr 1902 in Pierceton, Kosciusko, IN m: 06 Apr 1947 in Vancouver, Clark, WA d: 11 Apr 1964 in Milwaukie, OR

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"Souvenir of our school" - Fern Ridge School near Summit OR, school year 1915-1916. Listed students include Lena Meissner, Erma Oleman, and Kenneth Oleman.

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KERBY KLIPPINGS: Rachel Edwards her sister Sherry, great granddaughters of Ernest and Martha Meissner (whose homestead was at Kerby OR), went to the Kerbyville Museum. While they were there, a volunteer made copies of all the newspaper clippings he could find that mentioned the name Meissner. The following are excerpts:

April 1, 1897 - Petition for liquor License: To the honorable County Court of Josephine Co., State of Oregon: WE the undersigned petitioners and legal voters of Josephine County, State of Oregon and precinct of Kerby, do ask and pray your honorable bodies to grant a license to J.T. Gilmore to sell both spirituous and malt liquors in less quantities than one gallon in the town of Kerby and we every pray. (Among names: E. F. Meissner)


July 19, 1902 - County Court Proceedings: The bonds of the following Justices of the Peace were approved:

G. W. Young, Althouse

E. F. Meissner, Kerby


Sept 22, 1905 - (Local Events) E. F. Meissner, of Kerby has the thanks of the Courier force for a basket of choice grapes. The grapes grown by Mr. Meissner are of superior flavor and are among the best brought to the Grants Pass market.


Dec. 8, 1905, Rogue River Courier, Kerby: To Mr. And Mrs. E. F. Meissner, of Buckhorn Farm, near Kerby, on Monday, November 20, 1905, a daughter. (Added note in 2001 - this was Lena)


(Dec. 8, 1905) George Meissner, the 19 year old son of E. F. Meissner, who owns a fine farm across Illinois River from Kerby, was the owner. Mr. Meissner has never seen but two locomotive engines, yet his small engine is perfect in detail. He has forged all the parts himself in a shop he has built at his father’s farm.

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Oregon Observer


Jan 3, 1906 - Kerby Klippings: The Christmas ball given by the Kerby Woodmen was a social success. The music was furnished by Sowell’s band and Turner and Meissner acted as floor managers. Everybody danced till they were tired, and wended their way home at 6 in the morning -

At a special school meeting held last Thursday, Kerby School District voted to levy a two mill special tax for the ensuing year. It was a rousing meeting, there being the large number of four voters present. Great interest in school matters.

Judge Meissner is kept busy packing supplies for the miners on Josephine and Canyon Creeks.


Jan. 17, 1906: Kerby Camp Woodmen of the World, held their installation Saturday evening, Jan. 13th, when the following officers were installed:

Consul Commander - H. S. Woodcock

Banker - Fred A. Meissner

Clerk E. F. Meissner

Escort - J. O. Turner

Watchman - J. W. Krauss

Manager - 12 mo - Ed Dailey


The I.O.O.W., of Kerby, treated their friends to supper at Mrs. Floyd’s hotel on Saturday night. At 11 o’clock all went to the hotel dining room, where a bountiful repast was spread, and it is needless to add that the guests did ample justice to the good things. After supper the young people, and some of the older ones, enjoyed a social dance at the Woodmen’s hall.

We would rejoice to see a railroad from Grants Pass to this valley, be it electric or steam; or even a good wagon road would be acceptable. The sooner we get on a strictly cash basis in road matters the better for all concerned.


May 13, 1906 - Precinct Officers Elected

Selma - Justice of the Peace, J.G. Hiat; Constable, R. C. Churchill.

Kerby - Justice of the Peace, E. F. Meissner; constable, J. E. Howard

Althouse - Justice of the Peace, J. E. Hodydon; Constable, Chas. F. Hart.


(May 16, 1906) Meissner and Carter have the water in their ditch, and have begun irrigating.


Oregon Observer, July 25, 1906 Kerby Klippings: Henry Brazille was up before Judge Meissner on the charge of threatening the life of Daniel Pfefferle. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was placed on bonds to keep the place and answer at the next term of circuit court, and pay the cost of action, which he did.


Oregon Observer, Sept. 26, 1906 - Kerby Klippings: S.A. Carter has moved his family to the Meissner school house for his children can have the advantages of the Kerby school.


Oregon Observer, (Oct. 26, 1906 Kerby) E.F. Meissner is going into the sheep business as he has bought a small band from Geo. Kiphart of Selma.

Oregon Observer, Nov. 14, 1906 - (Local Items) E. F. Meissner was in from Kerby Monday to place his second oldest son in the hospital. The young man was employed on the wharves in Portland, where he contracted typhoid fever. Mr. Meissner will remain with the boy till the critical stage is passed.

Jan 9, 1907 - Kerby News: E. F. Meissner arrived home with his son Fred, the fore part of the week. Mr. Meissner had been in Grants Pass for six weeks or more, his son being in the hospital with typhoid fever.


Feb 13, 1907 - Kerby News: George Meissner and lady friend were boat riding on the river Sunday.

The meadow larks are singing, wild flowers are blooming, summer is coming.

Jan. 13, 1909

Mrs. Wm. Carter, accompanied by Earnest Meissner, left for your city this morning.

(April 7, 1909)

Judge Meissner has recently installed a telephone at the “Buck Horn” farm.

July 28, 1909 - (Local News) E. F. Meissner, of Kerby, was doing business in Grants Pass today.

(Nov. 10, 1909 Kerby Kinks)

Seems that all the writers from beautiful Kerby have moved away or gone fishing. I will endeavor to send a few items.

About 30 people from Kerby and vicinity, met at Meissner’s old school house Saturday evening and enjoyed a social dancing party. Chas. Whipp and his sister Dottie furnished the music. About 12 o’clock lunch was passed around consisting of cake and coffee, and our cooks can’t be beat. Nuff said.


(Nov. 17, 1909) W.D. Hunt and Meissner Bros. were in town Saturday selling fresh pork.

(Dec 22, 1909 Kerby Kinks) Linnie George, Alice Tycer, Alza Stith and George Meissner were out in the hills Saturday after ferns for Christmas decoration, and George had his camera.


(Nov. 17, 1909) W.D. Hunt and Meissner Bros. were in town Saturday selling fresh pork.


Dec. 21, 1910 - (Local News) E. F. Meissner and family, who have been residing in UT for some time, have returned to Oregon. They returned to the homestead at Kerby, which has been managed by their elder son during their absence. Mr. Meissner took a look around the Willamette Valley before returning. He reached here yesterday, and left for Kerby this morning. His family preceded him by several days.


(Dec 22, 1909 Kerby Kinks) Linnie George, Alice Tycer, Alza Stith and George Meissner were out in the hills Saturday after ferns for Christmas decoration, and George had his camera.

(Dec. 29. 1909 Kerby Kinks)

Miss Eva Meissner has been sick with Jaundice.

(Feb 23, 1910)

Ernest Meissner is working for Jack Fulk.


(Mar 2, 1910 Kerby Kinks)

Phil Dessinger and Fred Meissner came out from the mines Saturday and returned Sunday.

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Another interesting article, June 14, 1909:

A Bad Chinaman

A pale faced shriveled up and very badly scared oriental was brought into Grants Pass Thursday. He didn’t look very fierce in his dried up, five foot frame, but judging from the number of [?], Winchesters and other ammo that the three guards carried, who brought him in, one would have supposed that he was a very bad Chinaman.

The Chinaman was turned over to Sheriff Lester and placed in jail in this city to await the coming of [?] (North County Office). The oriental’s name is Long Ock. He is a small Chinaman but about as bad a celestial as ever wore a “pig” tail”. He murdered another Chinaman in Happy Camp, Cal., several days ago. His manner of murdering was to cut his victim to pieces with a meat cleaver. He skipped out of Happy Camp crossed the line into Oregon and was caught in the Applegate mountains by the men who brought him in [?] Nickerson and Will Trefethen.

Long Ock is the worst Chinaman in Happy Camp. His reputation there is very bad. Is noted for his bad deeds and his thirst for blood. He is very likely to be the chief actor in a necktie party when he arrives back at Happy Camp.

Ernest’s daughter Eva Meissner (5th oldest of 8 children who survived infancy) married William Lefferson. Will had been working for Ernest at Kerby, and moved to Summit about the same time as Ernest. The same year (1911), right after he married Eva, Will decided to move to Alberta (Canada) where some of his family lived, and almost all of their descendants are still living near Dawson Creek (British Columbia) or Edmonton (Alberta).

Harold, the oldest child of Eva and Will, was born 13 Jul 1912. He married Alma Brownscombe in 1935 and they had 10 children. All of the 8 who are still living attended Harold and Alma's 70th anniversary celebration on 19 December 2005.

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Harold died 23 Aug 2008 at Hythe, Alberta, at the age of 96