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Henry G. Farley

Several months ago I was contacted by Richard McCracken regarding a history of the Vanderpool family that he and Terry Vanderpool had compiled. McCracken’s objective was to have the piece published and he was making the offer to the Bradford County Historical Society to have this opportunity. I was pleased to have this submission as the work of Mr. McCracken and Mr. Vanderpool is well done and tells the accurate story of the family in Bradford County and will now be recorded for future generations. The writers acknowledge Mr. Donald Vanderpool for the use of his records and his research. Donald is no stranger to us at the Historical Society as he has done countless hours of research with us. The late Gladys Gay was so proud of Donald and his work and was very protective of the files Donald presented to the society. We have published articles in The Settler twice before that touched the Vanderpool line but nothing as extensive as this has ever been published by the society. “Doane Vanderpool” True story which was published in the Towanda Daily Review January 7, 1930 was reprinted in Vol. XXXII No. 1, February 1994 and “Johnson of Johnson Hall” was reprinted in Vol. II, No. 4 November 1954. I have included in this publication several Vanderpool histories that were printed in Bradford County history books and newspapers so that the reader can see the discrepancies in the story and how easy it was for history to be recorded incorrectly.

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Anthony Vanderpool, son of Anthony Vanderpool and Jacomyntje Van Seyl: He was born near Newark, New Jersey, August 15, 1754 and baptized at the Reform Church at Second River (Belleville) in New Jersey on December 15, 1754. Sponsors were Annatje Van Seyl (Jacomyntje's sister) and her husband Abraham Bos. Catherine Vanderpool, Anthony's sister was born August 22, 1748 and baptized there on Oct 28, 1749. Her sponsors were Wynant Vanderpoel and Maria Vanderpoel. Anthony gave his sister's birthdate in his Am Rev War pension file.

According to Anthony's Am Rev War pension file, he had only ONE wife. This is a vital and crucial piece of information. Any questions raised could cause it to be denied. Look at what happened to Henry Cornelius and his application.

Elizabeth Jansen, daughter of William Jansen and Maria Elisabetha Lauck/Leyck and variations, married Anthony Vanderpool in   of 1776.

 Elizabeth Jansen is descended from the same Cornelius family as Henry Cornelius and Isaac and Richard Wheeler and same Wheeler family as the latter two men.

= [Generation 1]

 Maria Cornelius married Dirk Jansen. Her siblings were Dina Cornelius, Pieter Cornelius and Jeptha Cornelius. Jeptha is the paternal great grandfather of Henry Cornelius. Maria Cornelius Jansen's children were:

= = [Generation 2]

Peter Jansen

Sara Jansen; Married Gerrardus Dingman

Dina Jansen: Married Isaac Woodcock and their daughter Marritie married Henrich Cornelius and they had 4 sons, including Henry. Marritie remarried after Henrich died to Samuel Wheeler and had Isaac and Richard Wheeler.

Dirck Jansen: Married Cornelia Sluyter, daughter of Willem Sluyter and Sara Wheeler, daughter of Edward Wheeler and an ancestor of Samuel Wheeler and his sons as well.

 Dirck and Cornelia had at least 7 children, one of which was

= = = [Generation 3]

Willem Jansen. Two of Willem's sisters married into the Cornelius family.

Willem Jansen, son of Dirck and Cornelia, was the father of the following.

= = = = [Generation 4]

Elizabeth Jansen who married Anthony Vanderpool

(Anna) Maria Jansen who married Henry Cornelius

Richard Jansen who married a cousin Elizabeth Jansen

Cornelia Jansen who married Jan Cornelius, Henry Cornelius' brother

Margaret Jansen who married Ambrose Vincent

(Magdalena) Lena Jansen who married Isaac Wheeler

Nicholas Jansen who married Catherine Cables, daughter of Zebulon Cables and sister of Susanna who married Richard Wheeler. Nicholas was baptized at the Reform Church of Schodack at Muitzeskill, Rensselaer County, New York which was about 1/4 mile from where the Vanderpools lived in Rensselaer County.

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As far as the Indian connection, yes there is one. It comes through the Cornelius family but it is Mahican Indian, not Oneida. The four Cornelius children mentioned above, Jeptha, Maria, Dina and Pieter, were the children of a Mahican Indian and his wife of color. The Cornelius descendants and the Jansens lived at or near Mahican encampments or settlements from about 1700 through the 1760's, with most of the families moving around from one to another. Several of Elizabeth's siblings and cousins were baptized at the Roundtop Lutheran Church in Pine Plains, Dutchess County which was the site of a Mahican settlement known as Shekamecko (various spellings). They were living near the Vislak or Fish Lake (now Kinderhook Lake) in the mid 1770s when they and the Vanderpools were charging goods at Van Alen's store in the area. Castle Island, a major encampment also known as a "castle" is near Schodack, Rensselaer County, and is where Niclas or Etowkame, the Mahican or River Indian who went to England in 1710 with Hendrick the Mohawk, lived until the 1750's. This ancestry explains in part why some of the family are short and darker complexioned. Maria Elisabetha Lauck was descended from Palatine Germans who were also described as short and darker complexioned (think gypsy). Because of the intermarriages both before and after Anthony and Elizabeth's generation, many of their descendants would show traits of these ancestors fairly strongly. Elizabeth and her siblings descend from the Cornelius family and the Lauck family, described as short and darker complexioned. Isaac, and Richard Wheeler descend from the same Cornelius connection through Maria Cornelius Jansen. Henry Wheeler descends from TWO of the Cornelius siblings.

 Many of the stories coming out of Bradford County, PA, were written by people who looked down on these families and meant to denigrate them by allying them with Sir William Johnson, a traitor in their eyes, and his Indian allies.

 Anthony Vanderpool's parents, Anthony and Jacomyntje, were most likely dead by 1775. They do not appear on the tax list for the area but Anthony Jr. does. They do not appear as sponsors for ANY of their grandchildren. There is NOTHING anywhere to suggest that there was any animosity between Anthony and his parents and/or siblings. Catherine and her husband raised a large family and stayed in the area. Rachel married and moved farther south. Abraham died before 1786 when his last child was born and Catherine and her husband were the sponsors. Note: when Abraham was baptized, the name Wynant was written down and then crossed off. The correct name was written in and has faded so it shows as ------in the NYG&BR baptismal record from the Rhinebeck Flats church. He was named for Jacomyntje's father Abraham Van Seyl. His is listed incorrectly in George Burritt Vanderpool's book on the family and a child is listed there incorrectly as well. Wynant Vandepool born April 1762 married Lovina Lerribee (and variations) and THEY later moved to Montgomery county and west.

 Anthony and Elizabeth's first five children were born near Kinderhook and baptized there with Elizabeths's Jansen/Lauck relatives as sponsors. All of the children's names are family names from either ancestors or aunts and uncles.

William Vanderpool --- named for Elizabeth's father

Anthony Vanderpool --- named for Anthony and his father

Richard Vanderpool --- named for Elizabeth's grandfather and uncle

Mary Vanderpool --- named for Elizabeth's mother

Peter Vanderpool --- named for Elizabeth's uncle

Abraham Vanderpool --- named for Anthony's brother, maternal grandfather and so on

Henry Vanderpool --- named for probably for Henry Cornelius

Lavinia Vanderpool --- named for wife of Wynant, Anthony's brother

Catherine Vanderpool --- named for Anthony's sister Catherine

Samuel Vanderpool --- named for father of Henry, Isaac and Richard

Eleanor --- named for Elizabeth's sister Lena--nickname Lena became nickname for Eleanor after Am Rev but originally was nickname for Madgalena.

 Anthony Vanderpool and his wife were sponsors for a grandchild of his sister Catherine. They were also sponsors for a child of Zebulon Cables, father of Susanna Cables Wheeler and Catherine Cables Jansen. Many of the families in Columbia County, as elsewhere, had relatives who were Loyalists and went to Canada. I think that, the similiarity in names, and the physical traits caused some in the area to associate this family with the Loyalists and Sir William Johnson. Within a couple of generations, the information was lost even within the family. If you look at county histories with information on members of the family (example: Daniel and Nelson Vanderpool), you would not think they were talking about the same ancestors.

G Hanlan

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See also history of the Pool Tribe of Towanda PA - which includes more information about Sir William Johnson and Molly Brant (sister of Mohawk chief Joseph Brant),

William Bray