by Loretta Meissner

Many people at this time of year and the coming months of summer are considering vacations and feeling that urge to travel: new scenes, new air. What is more delightful or more beneficial than a sea voyage that ends in an opportunity to see the greatest and most fascinating piece of engineering yet accomplished - one from which our own country has derived great benefits as well as all the world.

I speak of Panama, the coming country because men will press on; the spirit of romance and adventure is not dead. There is no more cheap productive land within our borders. What of our youths? I say with Horace Greeley, "Go west, young man, go west," and when you get there, that is to San Pedro, the harbor for Los Angeles, then take ship and sail for Panama. Here you will find pleasure, adventure, and possibilities - land lying in the best of all the central countries almost for a song. Best first because Uncle Sam is there.

He has made the Zone Cities so clean, so beautiful, so restful that one feels he has reached the ideal of what life should be. But there is excitement for those who want it: one can watch the great ships pass - a fascinating pastime. Then when you go in quest of sport, get your hunting tackle ready and come with me; I will show you the hunter's paradise. In a climate cool enough to enjoy a hike or mountain climb, temperate enough that you will not need to be encumbered with sleeping bags and other heavy paraphernalia, you can get a pony and an Indian guide for a few coins to take you where your fancy wills. He will cook your meals and look after all details, leaving you free to enjoy life without worries. You will most likely be greeted by the gobble of wild turkeys in the very early hours, but he is a wary bird.

Your fancy may be more in the way of hunting the ciena or wild hog. In this you should find no difficulty, as they roam the foothills in herds. Still larger game is the antaburro or tapir, there are several species or cat, and coon, opossum, porcupine.

I am going to enumerate some of the reasons why Panama is the coming country. First because of the canal, and that Uncle Sam is there, his influence has made Panama different from all the other Central American countries. One of the foremost reasons is that cheap, productive land is still to be obtained in Panama.

The higher altitudes are both healthful and pleasant, being never too warm nor too cold for comfort. The growing of sugar cane, of all citrus and tropical fruits, including pineapples, avocados, etc. as well as for pasture, is the principal products including in certain localities coffee, cocoa, coconuts, rice, corn, beans, stock raising and poultry ... is rapidly coming forward in the growing of bananas.

Loretta Meissner