From: Wade Collier Sent: June 2005

Subject: Candidates for “Joseph Sam(p)son of Norwich”

As the piles of Samson-related papers, images and printouts pile up around me, I hasten to send out a couple of brief comments concerning … possible Joseph Samsons who could have moved to Norwich.

I attach a short document which I extracted from the pages of the online “The Sampsons of Old Plymouth Colony.” I will not quote too extensively from that, as you can easily see the data yourself.

Starting with known Josephs of the Plymouth County area (i.e. descendants of Henry and Abraham Sam(p)son) who could have been the father of Celea, born about 1764 - and even stretching that point a little - I find 6 candidates. Their birthdates range from the 1690s to about 1751 - I said I was stretching things.

1) The oldest, # 84 in the attached document, died in “middle age” - no mention of children named Celea, Sylvanus, Kenelm. I think we can safely forget him.

2) This is our Joseph, son of Miles. I think he is certainly the correct one, and I do not copy in material on him since we have shared it several times in the last weeks.

3) # 233 was born in the 1720s. There is very little information given on him - no wife’s name, no birthplace or residence. I suppose we must say that he, whoever he was, cannot be completely dismissed.

4) # 365 is Joseph Sampson born in Plympton in 1732, but his children do not include Celea, Sylvanus or Kenelm. Note also that he stayed in Plympton until his death in 1795. He cannot be the Joseph who moved to Norwich, based on that fact alone. The quote [from World Family Tree (CD) Vol 14, pedigree # 1425 (submitter: Alma La France): the relationship to this Joseph Sampson is “from LDS family history records” … “am not sure it is correct”] is a little confusing to me, but let me say that the statement that “Joseph came to Norwich with family. . .” we can all agree with ... I have not checked to see if Joseph (# 365) had siblings named Lydia and Thomas, but it would not be surprising, since those were the parents’ names. I don’t know how that would prove or disprove a move to Norwich. The statement that “Joseph Samson came from Kingston” could simply be a wrong interpretation from the fact that both of Joseph of Duxbury’s wives were from Kingston, and that he and 2d wife Mary sold some land there in 1761 (see the “Standish” images I sent the other day.) Then again, we don’t know where Joseph of Duxbury was between 1774 and 1780, so perhaps the family was in Kingston for a time.

5) # 152 was born in Middleborough about 1740. He served in the Rev. War in Rhode Island in Aug. 1780 - just a month before Celea married Seth Cole in Norwich - and is thought to have gone to Vermont after the War. I suppose we would say that this individual is a remote possibility as the Joseph who was in Norwich, but nothing points to it.

6) # 237 was born in Kingston in 1751, so is really far too young to have been the father of Celea. His history is fairly complete, and he lived and died in Kingston. We can scratch him.

Now, there could be Joseph Sam(p)sons from other areas who could be the individual who moved to Norwich. I do see in the online NEHGS VRs to 1850 a “Joseph (SAMSON), ch. Jediah and Lowes, Mar. 31, 1738.. . “ born in Plympton, Plymouth County. This would seem to be the individual mentioned in the quote from Alma La France, said there to have been born in “Plymouth.” I have made a very brief attempt online to find something later about this Joseph who was born in 1738, particularly in Plympton VRs, but nothing jumps out at me yet. His father was likely the Jedidiah Samspson born in Plympton in 1714, but I haven’t verified that lineage.

Using “Family Search” - without verification, just to show some possibilities - I see other candidates for Norwich could be Joseph Samsons or Sampsons born in Haverhill, MA in 1734, and in Newbury MA in 1735. There were undoubtedly other Joseph Samsons born in various parts of New England who might have moved to Norwich, but I think I have done enough speculation for one evening. I think that Joseph b. Duxbury 1719 is our man, and trust we will get some added confirmation sooner rather than later.

Joseph Samson candidates  6-17-05

The Sampsons of Old Plymouth Colony

From index to the site:


169-Joseph 84

1719-Joseph 179

172-Joseph 233

1732-Joseph 365

174-Joseph 152

1751-Joseph 237


4 JOSEPH SAMPSON, 4 (Joseph,3 James,2 Henry,1) only son of Joseph Sampson3 of Dartmouth—or that portion of its territory which was subsequently included in Fairhaven; m. May 6, 1719, SARAH SAMPSON,3 [69] dau. of Abraham2 and Sarah (Standish) Sampson.

He dwelt in Dartmouth, and died in middle age. His widow Sarah m. John Rouse, and lived to a great age.

The children of Joseph and Sarah Sampson were—

228. Lois,5 m. Samuel Gray. Children—

  229. John (Gray).

  230. Amy (Gray), m. George Gifford.

231. Sarah,5 m. Peleg Delano, who removed to the then District of Maine.

232. Amy,5 m. Zaccheus Tobey, who became a Baptist minister and removed to Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

(I omit the Joseph Samson of Duxbury and Norwich, b. 1719, in this listing.)

233. Joseph, 5 m. (???), and had—

  234. Edward.6

  235. Benjamin.6

  235 Sarah 6 died young in 1761.

The Sampsons of Old Plymouth Colony

365. JOSEPH SAMPSON, 5 (Thomas,4 Benjamin,3 George,2 Abraham,1) eldest son of Thomas4 and Lydia (Bryant) Sampson of Plympton; b. there, April 18, 1732; m. BETHIAH SAMPSON,4 [208] b. April 22, 1731, dau. of Jonathan3 and Joanna Sampson of Plympton.

He was a “yeoman,” and lived on the homestead where his father lived, in Plympton, which by will he transmitted to his son Peleg. He died March 29, 1795, age 63. His wife Bethiah died July 4, 1799, age 68.

Their graves are near the north side of the Burying Ground in Plympton. Their children were—

676. (+)Peleg, 6 b. Sept. 26, 1754; m. Sarah Macfarlane.

677. Phebe, 6 b. (???); m. April 5, 1776, Samuel Ripley of Plympton. They afterwards removed to Vermont.


  678. Joseph (Ripley), b. June, 1777.

  679. Lucy (Ripley).

  680. Lydia (Ripley).

  681. William (Ripley).

  682. Sylvanus (Ripley).

  683. Peleg (Ripley), died young.

684. Lucy, 6 b. March 6, 1761; m. 1, Feb. 12, 1781, Isaac Waterman of Halifax.


  685. Phebe (Waterman), unm.

  686. Isaac (Waterman).

   687. Joseph Samson (Waterman).

   688. Lucy (Waterman).

   689. Bethiah (Waterman), m. Thomas C. Standish of Plympton.

   690. Elizabeth (Waterman).

   691. Melzar (Waterman).

   692. Fanny (Waterman), m. Giles Thompson.

  In the autumn of 1818, Lucy, widow of Isaac Waterman, m. 2, Lieut. Daniel Soule of Plympton.

693. Lydia, 6 b. (???); died aged about 8 years.

152. JOSEPH SAMPSON, 4 (William, 3 George, 2 Abraham, 1) son of William3 and Joanna (Vaughan) Sampson of Middleborough; b. there, about 1740. He was a soldier in the Expedition to Rhode Island, Aug. 1778; also, in an Expedition to the same State, Aug. 1780. [Mass. Archives]. After the war, I suppose that he settled in Vermont. He had, or at least a Joseph Sampson, who lived about this time, had—

405. William, 5(*) who was the father of—

  406. Reuben, 6 who now lives in Grand Isle, Vt. He has been married twice; and has one son—

   407. Daniel, 7 m. Olive Robinson of Grand Isle.

408. Augustus, 6 m. Elizabeth (???); they lived in Grand Isle, and both died some time since.


  409. Julia, 7 m. Francis Childs of Grand Isle.

  410. George Fraley, 7 unm.; now in New York City, 1863.

  411. Henry Goodenow, 7 unm.; now in N. Y. city, 1863.

  412. Albert Augustus, 7 b. May 8, 1843; a clerk in Boston. He says his great-grandfather’s name was Joseph, but does not know where he originated. Nor does he know his mother’s maiden name.

(*) There was a William Samson of Barnstable, during the Revolutionary War, and afterwards. He was a fifer in Capt. Micah Hamlin’s Company in Col. Marshall’s Regiment, at Boston, June 15, 1776, then being 72 miles from home. He enlisted June 6. He and his company were on Castle Island, in Boston Harbor, till the month of November. William Samson (the same man) and Reuben Samson also enlisted, July, 1775, and continued in service till Dec. 31, 1775. I also find William Samson on duty as a soldier at Falmouth, Sept. 1779, 5 days. [Mass. Archives] This man may have been identical with either William Sampson [398] or William [405] mentioned in the text.

William Sampson settled in Barnstable, probably in the village of Hyannis, and by wife Nabby had—

  Betsey, b. June 7, 1798.

  William, b. June 26, 1805.

  Mrs. Nabby Sampson d. Sept. 16, 1817.

  Mr. William Sampson d. May 2, 1822.

There are Sampsons in Cornwall, Vt., also in Berkshire and Montgomery in the same State. In the place last named, Deacon Tolman Sampson resides. They may be descendants of Joseph Sampson, 4 or of his brothers.

237. Col. JOSEPH SAMPSON,5 (Cornelius,4 Benjamin,3 Stephen,2 Henry,1) brother of the preceding; b. in Kingston, Feb. 10, 1751; m. Jan. 11, 1787, JUDITH DREW5 of Kingston, b. Sept. 3, 1768, dau. of James,4 who was son of Cornelius,3 who was probably son of Samuel,2 and grandson of JOHN DREW,1 a native of Wales, who came to Plymouth, 1660, and died at the locality known as Hobbs’s Hole, in Plymouth, July 29, 1721, age 79. He was an Ensign in the company of “Eight months’ men,” commanded by Capt. (afterwards General) Peleg Wadsworth of Duxbury, in the Regiment of Col. Theophilus Cotton, from May to Dec. 31, 1775. He afterwards rose to the rank of Colonel in the militia; resided in Kingston, his native town; and died Aug. 10, 1804, age 53.

His children were—

580. (+) Betsey, 6 b. June 8, 1790; m. Hon. Thomas Prince Beal of Kingston, April 5, 1812.

581. Eliza, 6 b. April 13, 1796; died July 13, 1799.

582. Joseph, 6 b. Feb. 25, 1799; unm.; grad. Brown Univ. 1821; a lawyer in Kingston; a man of extensive reading and a thorough scholar; given to antiquarian research; died Dec. 6, 1844.


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